STEPHEN DANIEL RUIZ is an American songwriter and author of The Art of Love (& Loathing): A Novel as well as dozens of short stories, poems, and one stage play. Throughout all of his work, one focus remains forefront: the human experience. In this lens is everything from love, disappointment, weakness, and strength to loss, addiction, depression, and hope. Questions of living, philosophy and ethicality are often raised in an effort to broaden the understanding of existence, the bottom line always being to leave his reader or listener with an altered perspective of given truths.

GROWING UP, Stephen Daniel Ruiz began writing prose and poetry, though he spent an equal portion of his youth focused on music and songwriting. As an adult, his overseas service in the U.S. Marine Corps did not diminish his love of writing and music. After his return to civilian life and the birth of his fourth child, he refocused his lifelong passions and dedicated his energy to perfecting his skills as a writer of both stories and songs.